About Kask

Christopher Israel, the James Beard Award–nominated chef and co-owner of Grüner, opened KASK in the late summer of 2011, in cooperation with ChefStable.

The bar program features a wide range of cocktails, from the classics to house specialties, focusing on balance, technique, and handmade ingredients. A nightly punch shares the bar menu with fellow throwbacks such as shrubs, swizzles and bucks.

The saloon’s interior design, inspired by craftsmen such as Wharton Esherick and George Nakashima, marries the rugged with the sleek. Cork floors, walnut plank seating, and vintage chalkboard walls pay homage to the rough-hewn and the reclaimed.

From its provenance to its provisions, Kask reflects a belief in the bounty of our country and a commitment to the time-honored traditions of good food and good company.